multichannel hybrid video installation
(2021, 3-channel video installation, 4K, 15 min 32 sec, printed carpet, 12 bronze-bars)
Actor: Aaron Weber
Exhibition: Verpackerei Gö,  13.11.2021 – 14.12.2021 & Galerie der Künstler Munich 08.03.2022 -07.04.2022

The video installation „Sticky Mouth“ deals with the question of the extent to which human changes in a time of increasing virtual realities and himself becomes part of the enormous transformation process in which the boundaries of realities become increasingly blurred and no longer form entities.
The 3-channel video shows a man lying in a tub as he melts wax cubes – as if in an absurd ritual. Analogous to the materials, which undergo a continuous process of transformation (from wax mould to bronze casting), the man can simultaneously be seen as an avatar whose trigger points can be controlled virtually. This results in a variety of analogies of man and material, which mirror each other in their different forms and aggregate states and continually question our real and virtual certainties.

Director, Visual Concept, Editor: Justin Urbach
Camera, Light: Till Dose 
1 AC: Martin Lübke
Set Assistant: Andrea Karl & Luise Wank 

MANA is a hybrid exhibition concept that takes place both virtually and physically. By linking two exhibition worlds, MANA blurs the boundaries between virtual and physical space, thus questioning reality.  The artistic positions will not be the same in physical and virtual space, but will expand, complement and respond to each other.
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