I Am In The Sea Now! 

2022, 3-channel video installation
(4K, 16:9, 18 min 00 sec, Loop)
Actor: Abdullah Miniawy 
Exhibition: ECHOES – Haus der Kunst Munich 03.03.2022 -04.03.2022
The project was made in collaboration with Abdullah Miniawy 

The video work „I Am In The Sea Now“ is based on a poem by Abdullah Miniawy and was developed in collaboration with media artist Justin Urbach. The poem is dedicated to the arduous process of a poet searching for inspiration after losing his connection to his mother tongue in exile. 

The video installation takes up the poem thematically, reacts to it and expands it on its own cinematic narrative level. The process of washing, of cleansing the body, is reinterpreted as a ritual of liberation from conventions and expanded with performative-installative scenarios at the Festival „Echoes“ displayed at Haus der Kunst Munich in March 2022.

The multi-track visual experience is directed by Justin Urbach, the script is written by the two artists.