2022, 3-Channel video installation
(2K, 37 min 00 sec, 16:9, Spatial Sound 5.1, Loop)
Exhibition: Galerie der Künstler München: 25.10.2022 – 27.11.2022

The 3-channel video installation „Dismantle“ investigates cinematic aesthetics and patterns of perception. The camera becomes recognizable as a technical medium that turns the view through the viewfinder into a conscious placement. The camera selects image sections and thus manipulates our vision. A man is shown walking through a forest landscape. Pickaxe and spade on the shoulder. Dressed in an old flight suit like an expedition traveler. He comes to a clearing and begins to dig a hole until he is exhausted. As in an anthropological experimental arrangement, each of his movements is filmed simultaneously by two camera systems. In their rail journeys, they move mechanically like a triadic ballet. Documentary and fictional film narratives intersect and appear as artefacts. The cameras each fall into the focus of the other, are visible and thus become an integral part of the work.


Actor: Jakob Geßner 
Producer: Nele Urbach
Director of Photography: Till Dose & Marcus Schwemin
Camera Assistant: Isabella Münnich, Hannah Kortus 
Sound: Michael Klisch
Production Assistant: Tatjana Vall
Sound Editing: Fonda Mentalism
Grading: Lukas Link
Written, directed, Visual Concept: Justin Urbach 

Shot in Germany, Black Forest
All rights reserved © Justin Urbach